The term Heliotherapy began to use the late’s. The name comes from the Greek word Halos (energy salt), and it could be said that the treatment heliotherapy salt. The beneficial effects have been known for centuries and are supported by the abundant medical literature.

This therapy is effective not only to improve physical health (regulation of blood sugar, the proper functioning of brain cells, maintaining bone strength, anti-bronchitis, sinusitis, preventing muscle spasms, veins viruses, etc.), but also for the relief of mental symptoms such as: over potential, fatigue, exhaustion, stress, and get help with smoking cessation.

As a decorative contents spa & wellness center, salt rooms decorate salt bricks of different sizes and colors that are imported directly from Karachi, Pakistan. Behind them is placed lighting, which in addition to decorative, has a very beneficial effect on the body. The heat from the lights release negative ions which are located within blocks of pure salts and every breath they go deep into the lungs. In the lungs, small chambers (alveoli) associated with negative oxygen ions, which are then absorbed into the bloodstream, resulting in a rejuvenating effect on every organ in our body.

Spray salt in the salt room is the most important device halogenerator. Alex Company imported halogeneratora Heliomed company, which scatter as a medical with the finest powder that you breathe, and it is certain that there is more natural and environmentally cleaner element of salt.