Proven solutions.
Common solution for protecting the heater is fabric softener, which works on the principle of ion exchanger mass. For this purpose, it uses special salt.
Why do we need protection from stones?
Lime deposits should be avoided for several reasons:
Lime deposits that form over time reduce the diameter of the pipe installation. Over time this can lead to problems, whose recovery was expensive and complex. Lime deposits causing bacteria growth. Scale surface is not smooth but rough and porous, so it provides a perfect shelter to all kinds of bacteria, such as Legionella. In addition, some bacteria use magnesium and calcium in sediments as food, so it is better developed. Limescale harms devices. Limescale can be disastrous for the machinery that is used. The deposits are formed within the device, such as coffee machines, washing machines, dishwashers, etc… This problem may seem naive, except in the case of industry and professional appliances. These deposits can lead to problems in the boiler, the heating and cooling, and in any system that uses water in some form.
Lime deposits are a particular problem for hotels. Limescale deposits are formed in the bathrooms. These deposits are aesthetic displeasing; it reduces life of shelf elements such as ink, and causes an increase in costs for the hotel staff that need to remove the Limescale deposits.
BWT softeners are the best solution for preventing Limescale deposits in your equipment.


Bewamat Z / WZ / SE

Bewamat® Z, WZ/SE – single unit controlled time and flow

control, 5 circular control valves, optical screen, a connection with integrated control valve for residual hardness with a button for manual regeneration, protection during power failure, digital timer, illuminated display. The interval between two regenerations processes can be set for an hour or a day.

For all types of Bewamat ® following applies: Main supply 220V / 50Hz, voltage control unit 24V, protection class IP 44, water temperature / temperature max. 30/40 ° C, working pressure of 2-6 bar.


Rondomat Duo – duplex water softener

Types 2,3,6,10

Volume-controlled alternating water softener with fast regeneration.

It has an intelligent control unit with connectors for added automation. As well as, independent adjustment the hardness of raw water, an indicator that shows the current state of regeneration before shutting down, integrated bacteriological protection (type DWGV), a short and rapid regeneration process, optimal for consumption of salt and rinse water – regardless of the input pressure.

In addition to the packaged units, arrive 5m rinsing hoses 13 × 2 and AQUATEST – in order to test the water hardness.