Bewades a UV sterilization system provides disinfection of drinking water, water for HVAC needs, process water, etc… It completely solves the problem with microbial contamination, or demands for water with high biological purity.

Drinking water
Process water
Water conditioning
Legionella prophylactics
No change in taste and smell
no chemicals
Automatic control
Low maintenance costs
Modular design with the option to extend
full parts ready to install
steel structure
UV monitoring
powerful UV lamps

and so on.

Bewades line of UV sterilization comes in several models, depending on the application.



Disinfection of water in the air conditioning system:

PairOx system is used for the disinfection of air conditioning system. At the same time regulate the salt levels.

Disinfection process consists of two steps, UV sterilization, and the introduction of ozone. In this way we achieve disinfection, which is needed in systems with central air conditioning. Excess ozone is thrown out into the atmosphere, where it naturally breaks down. An additional benefit is that PairOx which is a compact system consisting of ozone generators and UV light, so it can be easily integrated into existing systems.