Guaranteed quality of water in the production process.

BWT Group products and systems for reverse osmosis, which is necessary to obtain the required water quality in a variety of manufacturing processes. Our systems are based on proven technologies, as well as new patents developed by BWT. We offer a wide range of standardized systems and design of systems for specific purposes according to your requirements.


Profile 1-7

BWT profile is a system that was enough to turn – left on its own. You can rely on the control processor developed for this need. It automatically controls all processes in the system’s profile, and gives the necessary information on the built-in display. This allows you to control the entire process. Maintenance intervals can be read directly on the device, as well as warnings and other information. The display allows you to enter the operating parameters of the maintenance staff. The system can be locked by password. It can even be programmed to perform duo-osmosis.


Standard RO System

BWT standard RO system – compact solutions.
The device is mounted on the unit frame or base plate and is used for desalination (effect desalination is 90 – 95%). It is also used for the release of iron and manganese from drinking water and processed water. For different purposes it also completes the inner tube and network installation. The system has an electronic control device for manual or automatic level control, which is applied to a thin permeate.

Optical information system consists of: the indicator lights for proper operation process, assesses the quality of the permeate, and the possibility of fault indication at low pressure in the feed water. The device still has: Ports that upgrade automatically for protection, digital display of the condition of conductivity of the permeate with the possibility of draining the initial amount of permeate, feed water pre-filter (5 μm), the meter hours of operation, net operating rotary-blade-pump system for the plate girder rotary pump, which is made of stainless steel for the base system. The osmotic module housing is made of reinforced fiberglass.

RO 40 – 300
Reverse Osmosis mounted plate rack
main electrical supply 230 V / 50 Hz, max working pressure 16 bar

RO 400 – 1000
Reverse Osmosis RO mounted on the base 400 – 1000
Main Electric supply 230 V / 50 Hz, max working pressure 20 bar

For all types:
Ambient temperature is the min / max 5/40 0C.
pressure feed water is min / max 2/5 bar.
An entire content of NaCl salt in the feed water is 1000-ppm max.


The System of nano-filtration

BWT systems for nano-filtration are leaning on decades of experience.

Nano-filtration process is different from the standard reverse osmosis by using special diaphragm, which ensures separation of bivalent ions. Monovalent ions are partially retained through these diaphragms, thus reducing unwanted substances out of the system.

BWT systems for Nano-filtration for special purposes. Contact us, in cooperation with BWT with any concerns, and we can offer professional solutions.