Bewazon Vulw

Safe Ozonation System. Bewazon series VULW 70-700 produces ozone electrical discharge, according to German standard DIN 19627th
Ozone is an ideal tool for the oxidation of unwanted impurities in the water, especially water of the pool (see DIN 19643).
Bewazon VULW 70-700 systems are designed the following standards for commercial and industrial applications:
– EN 50081-2 (EN 55011 class A)
– EN 50082-2

Ozone is a colorless gas, specific smell. Chemically, ozone, O3, is composed of three oxygen atoms, and can be obtained from oxygen, O2 and air.
Relatively high concentration of ozone is required for effective disinfection of swimming pool water and oxidation of impurities present in the water.
When air is used to obtain ozone, such high concentrations can be achieved only if the air is pre-dried.

The system is equipped with two dryers that work interchangeably. Each dryer is filled special molecular sieve absorption, which removes moisture from the air. The air temperature is lower than – 60 ° C.
The molecular sieve has a limited capacity to absorb water. Must be regenerated when this capacity is reached. The system automatically regenerates the drying medium. Hot air is blown into the molecular sieve that is not conductive towards electricity, and leaves the system at temperatures up to 170 º C. While some desiccant regeneration, the system uses the second dryer.
Duration of the drying cycle is calculated from the flow of air to dry and the maximum moisture content in the air. The operator of both of these values can be set on the control panel (OP-operation panel). Ozone is obtained and injected under vacuum. The air delivery systems to an external suction pump, whose work can be driven, pump high pressure.

Ozone production
of ozone production precedes the preparation of air. Preparation involves completely removing traces of moisture.
Ozone to produce dry air is introduced into the discharge space. Ozone is formed by electrical discharge from the air → 2O3 3o2.
The Electrical heat is released. Drained cooling water. The only change is the cooling water temperature rise.
Ozone production capacity is adjustable in 16 steps.
Adjustment can be done in three ways:
Manual 0-16 on the control panel
using an external controller via three-stage “Increasing ozone” or “ozone depletion” command.
If the embedded PID controller which is activated by an external transmitter (4-20mA)

Mixing of ozone-water (optional)
Device for mixing ozone with water is an important part of Ozonation. Mixer introducing ozone from ozone plant and mixed it with water. BWT mixer ensures optimal efficiency with a minimum of the energy expended. Ozone dissolved in water, resulting in a quick and safe ozone reaction with impurities in the water.



Disinfection of water in the air conditioning system.

PairOx system is used for the disinfection of air conditioning system. At the same time regulate the salt levels.

Disinfection process consists of two steps, UV sterilization, and the introduction of ozone. In this way we achieve disinfection, which is needed in systems with central air conditioning. Excess ozone is thrown out into the atmosphere, where it naturally breaks down. An additional benefit is that PairOx is a compact system consisting of ozone generators and UV light, so it can be easily integrated into existing systems.