Foreign particles in the plumbing can lead to big problems and huge costs. The water we drink is generally clean. The problem arises in transportation and water to your facility. Broken pipe, service pipework and a million other factors allow foreign particles to fall into the water pipes, and therefore in your installation. This can cause many problems such as clogging of valves, faucet leaking, and in extreme cases bursting of pipelines. Way to prevent the installation of mechanical filter that stops waste before it can cause problems.


Diago 18 RF / WF BWT is a new era in water filtration technology to filter Diago 18 The unique protective filter for the nominal pressure of PN 18 represents the first application of the technology in the cartridge filter and feedback filter rinsing. Diago 18 provides protection against deposits in domestic installations, which can cause considerable damage.

Diago 18 RF / filter with back flushing Diago 18 provides a perfect and simple filtration system. Turning the ergonomic handle on top can drain the filter element. In addition, for ease of use, Diago 18 has a ring on the housing that serves as a reminder for the next time interval of back flushing. The filter consists of a brass head, transparent cylinder, and manual return flow system and drainage connection type, DN 40.

Diago 18 WF / cartridge filter: Diago 18 WF does filtration through the cartridge filter, by filling the interchangeable filter, which must be changed regularly. Particulates remain on the outside of the filter material, and clean water enters the system. If the water pressure falls markedly due to increased contamination of filter loading, or after six months, the charge must be replaced. Filter consists of a brass head, a cylinder and filter cartridge filling.

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Multipur AP Filter kit includes: housing made of red bronze, washing the filter with round elements, flange connection PN 10 according to DIN 2501, part 1 (no flange) with filter element from 100μm to DVGW regulations. Flushing is done automatically and electronically controlled. The process depends on the pressure difference with the ability to control time. The optical indicator of the operating status and errors socket has a voltage of 12V and a manual flush. Connection for wastewater was prepared according to DIN in 1988. No additional pressure gauge.

Multipur M Filter kit includes: housing made of red bronze, washing the filter with round elements, flange connection PN 10 according to DIN 2501, part 1 (no flange) with filter element from 100μm to DVGW regulations. Rinsing is done manually.


Deferrization and Demanganesation filters ERF / ERF-FE: RDissolved iron and manganese in the oxidation removed from the water. Oxidation causes the compounds become insoluble in water, and accelerates and improves its filtering. To speed up the process of filtration, and separation as filtering is used to charge the special biological filter material with a catalytic effect. This ensures compliance with legal norms regarding deferrization and manganese. Both processes can be divided into 4 stages: The concentration of oxygen The oxidation process Filtration Backwash


Infinity M / A / AP round washout filter, the filter consists of a brass head and details of the High Tech Material. It contains a system for the return flow and sewage drain connector type DN 40 Type M: Manual filter return flow. Type A and AP: Both models have automatic filtration; the engine’s control unit to determines the return interval flow. AP comes with an additional return flow control using differential pressure (time priority) and free connections for optional optical and acoustic signaling. It is possible to install up to 4 parallel units. Energy consumption for all filters is 8W.


Celsius 80 DN 20 -50 This series of filters is used for drinking and industrial water to a temperature of 80 ° C. Filter the hot water ¾” – 1 ¼”: Contains brass head, drain valve, filter element with gasket and threaded connections. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Filter hot water 1 ½” – 2”: Contains brass head valve to drain, filter element with gasket and threaded connections. Can only be mounted or horizontally. Technical data: Nominal pressure PN 10, the operating pressure min / max 0 – 10 bar, temperature / ambient max. 80 ° C. Max. pressure: 1.5 bar.


Sand filter QSF It is used to remove large debris from the water. With efficient filtration for particles of about 0.05mm is possible at depth filtration. Leaching process is automatic and is controlled by a timer.


It is used for dental surgery; protect coffee machines in laboratories, canteens, heating systems, machinery and so on. The head is made of brass, and it has a Micron rating of 90μ, height is 80mm. Technical data: Nominal pressure PN 10, the operating temperature min / max 0 -10 bar, the maximum temperature / ambient 30/40 ° C.