ALEX Company d.o.o. can offer complete technological solutions for the treatment of drinking water, processing water and swimming pool water filtration, with cooperation with world-renowned manufacturer of equipment for water treatment – BWT Group GmbH.

BWT have been in business for about 50 years in 1990. With 70 different branches that are located all around Europe. Production takes place in five primary branches of the BWT Group: Paris (F), Schriesheim (D), Tamasi (H) Mondsee (O), Aesch (CH) and a few dozen smaller facilities throughout Europe. BWT is currently one of the world’s largest Companies in water treatment.

The BWT Group includes leading companies in the field of water treatment and filtration.


Alex Company in cooperation with its strategic partners offers complete solutions for water treatment and filtration, for your household or industrial use.

  • Equipment for communal drinking water systems.
  • Plants for wastewater treatment.
  • Production and recycling of high purity water for industry.
  • Treatment of industrial wastewater.
  • Production and treatment of high purity water for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Process equipment and control systems in the food industry.
  • Water treatment and filtration in public pools and swimming pools.

Mechanical filtration

Water Softening

UV Sterilization

Nano crystalline

Reverse Osmosis

Ozone Generators