Construction of an aqua park in Vrnjacka Banja

Official presentation of one of the biggest investment in the past decade in Vrnjacka municipality – construction of aqua park, as well as the signing ceremony of its construction, took place on Friday (12th of June 2015) at the meeting of the Economic Council of the city.
Aqua park worth six million euros will be built on the location of the present stadium „Raj“, an area of 3.27 hectares.
The project envisages the construction of an aqua park with modern and attractive content for 3,000 visitors.
Investor is the consortium of three investment companies “Alex Company”, “Amiga” and “OT invest”.
Director of “Alex Company” Aleksandar Obradovic said that the chief investor of the project is “OT invest” from Slovenia, while “Amiga” and „Alex Company“ are contractors.
– The aqua park should receive an average of 1,500 visitors a day. It is designed for all groups, contains several parts and will be very attractive, and it is planned to work during the day and in the evening – said Obradovic.
Construction of an aqua park is planned once the urban project is done, to be finished in about four months and is expected to begin construction later this year, so aqua park will be completed by June 2017.
The Mayor of Vrnjacka Banja, Boban Djurovic, said that the aqua park is one of the capital facilities that Vrnjacka Banja will get in the future and it is represents another great tourist offer at Banja.
Taken from eKapije