More than 400 devices to play for all ages, from early childhood to adulthood playful. Imaginative forms, designed parts of the game and fantastic worlds satisfy all your needs and desires and within the given budget. All structures are made of stainless steel - stainless steel, except for a modern and attractive design guarantees durability and resistance. Stainless steel construction is particularly suitable for courses on the coast. Warranty up to 25 years. French manufacturer Proludic is one of the largest manufacturers of equipment for playgrounds. A very wide selection of devices for playing certified by TÜV in accordance with EN1176 and EN1177-2008 regulations and EU environmental standards ISO 14001 certification.

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Playtop is Europe's leading Manufacturer of rubber pad with 30 years experience. Playtop substrates were placed in more than 40 countries worldwide. His color and special shapes give specificity to any space. Available in over 20 colors. Allow for the creation of interesting drawings and can be a three-dimensional shapes (spheres Playtop). Options with Playtop substrates are limitless. extremely high ability to mitigate and absorbing or jolts of the substrate increases the safety of playgrounds around the world. They can be mounted on a base of crushed stone without special asphalt or concrete surface, which allows for significant savings. Lower initial cost, low maintenance and long life resulting in lower life cycle cost basis. Quick drainage through the coarser lower layer prevents dangerous freezing during the winter. Playtop offers excellent resistance to abrasion, slipping, indentation and ignition. They are extremely durable and cost-effective and applicable in all weather conditions. They do not require maintenance and are resistant to vandalism. development in these unique substrates used in rubber granules obtained by recycling old tennis balls and vehicle tires makes them harmonious with international environmental standards.

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Floors and equipment for sports facilities

Mondo is an Italian company founded in 1948, which has 1,500 employees in 30 manufacturing and commercial units across Europe, America and China, which sells products in 196 countries worldwide. Mondo is the global leader in the manufacture of rubber and vinyl flooring with custom designs for sports, and coatings for use on various facilities such as airports, schools, hospitals, etc.. Given that the brand is popular for its sports trim, especially athletic paths and artificial grass trim, Mondo is marked as the official supplier of the last ten Olympic Games of Montreal in 1976. year, to this year's competition in London. About 150,000 athletes train and compete annually just to Mondo floors and equipment. Company branch of sports besides offers space for soccer fields, running track, volleyball, basketball, aerobics, etc.. also offers sports equipment such as video screens, scoreboards and bleachers for stadiums and arenas.