Our design team consists of the following engineers: Architects, Civil engineers, mechanical engineers, technical engineers, electrical engineers, and designers.

At the conceptual design stage, we choose concepts for the spa and in cooperation with the representatives of the investor, we give the concept it’s shape. This is also an excellent way to present the concept of a spa to our clients.

Then we move on to the detailed architectural, hydro and electrical part of the project. We design our projects according to the efficient German standards. Finding optimal solutions for specific spas.

Before the design of a spa and wellness center, it is important to define two things: its concept and analysis of the financial return on the investment.

In collaboration with our consultants and colleagues, we are able to assist you in defining the basic principles on which you would like to base your Spa on.

With careful planning of the target group, the choice of location and theme of the spa, will lead to the success and profitability of the investment.

Also, in the feasibility study we assess all the financial aspects of the investment, including the organizational structure, pricing policy, analysis of operational costs, etc…