Robotic cleaners for public and private swimming pools.

Maintaining good water quality requires appropriate technology for water treatment and filtration, and adequate cleaning of pool floor areas. Effective cleaning of surfaces means reducing the amount of chlorine added to the water and reduces the stress on the rest of the system.

This leads to cost savings and healthier conditions for employees and users of the system.



Compact system for pools of 25 to 35 feet in length. WEDA B480 is a system for underwater robotic pool cleaners. It has a rotary brush and a pump through which the waste could be thrown in a bag, sewage or sand filter. The kit comes all that is needed for commissioning. Alex Company during commissioning carried mandatory training to use the system.


  • Length of pool: 25-35 meters
  • Pump capacity: 650 l / min.
  • Speed of 0.3 m / sec