Each pool must contain a package of equipment. Mechanical room of each pool must contain the following elements: Filter pump system for dispensing chemical electro command cabinet Optional Systems Heating Lighting Swimming pool Attractions


Swimming pool filters

Private and Municipal swimming pool sand filters Quality made sand filters are vital for every swimming pool. Alex E&C can offer you sand filter under our own brand - A Filter

Private swimming pools Sand filters for the private swimming pools are filled with quartz sand, and flow rates from 7m3/h to 56m3/h. They are delivered with multi-valve and required fittings.

Public swimming pools For pumbic swimming pools we can offer sand filters engineered according to DIN 19605/19643. If other options are required, we can also supply them with laterals or nozzle plate. As standard, we supply filters with different granulations of quartz sand. As and option, we can offer hydroanthracite. Filters can be suplied with a range of accessories, including automation, additional revisions and manholes, etc.


Herborner renowned German pump manufacturer and the foreign partner Alex Company