Pools without additional content seem easily bored and empty their owners.

There are several types of swimming pool attractions

  • JetStream – devices for swimming against the course, which essentially made of the river basin. They give you the opportunity to use it as a home pool be at Olympic.
  • Hydro – massage jets are built into the wall of the pool or hot tub. They offer a fun time in the pool and for those who do not like to just swim.
  • Geyserb– Geysers have aesthetic and massage function. It represents one of the most popular attractions.
  • Swallowtail – The most popular attraction.

This short list can show to what most investors make decisions. Of course this is not the end of the list of pool attractions:

  • Air bed
  • Air massage
  • Fountain
  • Waterfall
  • Toboggan
  • and so on.

It is possible that you have an idea of what they would like to see in your pool. We can design a unique and bring out the pool and attractions of your choice.



UWE BAMBO and BAMBO 2 are currently the most attractive JetStream devices that are available.

BAMBO / 2 BAMBO devices swimming in a counter current, with enough discharge of more than 21 l / s, so that the best swimmers have good training. Of course, the power beam can be adjusted, so that the system Bambo excellent for recreational swimming for children.

BAMBO / BAMBO 2 comes complete RITZ pump is designed specifically for Bambi. The kit contains everything needed for installation. BAMBO / BAMBO 2 offers a variety of options that you can choose.

  • Choose a color front cover. It can be a Gunmetal color and white.
  • Bambo / Bambo 2 can come with built-in lighting, which likely is very attractive at night.
  • It can be ordered and accessories, such as hoses localization body massage or stainless steel holders.

BAMBO models are characterized by clean lines, which are integrated into the design of almost every pool. For this reason, Bambo will find in a large number of luxury swimming pools.



JetStream UWE JUNO model attractive design.

JUNO characterized by somewhat industrial look, which is not surprising, because the heart of this device for swimming RITZ powerful pump. Juno selected customers who do not wish to have, in size, big JetStream device. Juno on the wall of the pool covers at least all of the JetStream devices.

  • It comes in two colors: Gunmetal and White
  • It can be ordered and accessories, such as hoses localization body massage or stainless steel holders.


JetStream UWE COCO - almost a work of art.

COCO is a stylish device. Its undulating form will surely attract views. Do not let appearances fool you, COCO provides enough power for a good workout.

  • It comes in two colors: Gunmetal and White
  • It can be ordered and accessories, such as hoses localization body massage or stainless steel holders.
  • COCO LUX comes with decorative lighting


UWE Jetstream MIRO - Clean and brutal power.

MIRO, MIRO 2 and MIRO Trainer as any system with a single purpose - to prevent you swim to the end of the pool. It performed very well. I MIRO, the single version is strong enough forces you to push on, but MIRO 2 presents a serious challenge for a good swimmer. MIRO Trainer represents an insurmountable obstacle for recreational swimmers, but good swimmers in it to find a replacement for the Olympic swimming pool.

MIRO comes as a kit, with different options. The mask is made of stainless steel.



UWE VIVA - Geyser in your swimming pool.

VIVA is one of the hydro system from a range of UWE. It is installed on the bottom of the pool and serves a full leg massage. Viva has five nozzles that provide geyzer sparkling stream, due to strong RITZ pumps and Venturi technology for air intake. VIVA is a great decorative element of the pool, which looks especially nice at night, under the pool lighting.



LIBRA - Hydro a new generation.

LIBRA hydro system is very suitable for use in hot tubs in the pool. Thanks to the large enclosure, which is set in concrete when pouring riverbed pools, Libra remains in place. Also, the service is very simple - the whole body Venturi nozzles you can pull out for cleaning.

LIBRA comes standard with 3 variants LIBRA, LIBRA LIBRA 4 or 5 - depending on the number of nozzles. Of course, you can select the number of jets that you need. LIBRA nozzle mask is made of stainless steel, which contributes to the visual appeal.



Dovetail - architecture water or hydro?

Swallowtail is one of the attractions of swimming pool that has a practical value even when no swimmers in the pool. It enhances the aesthetics of the entire external decoration. The main function of dovetail is to serve as a system of massage collarbone after a tiring swim.

The offer comes with six standard types of dovetail, and over 15 types that are made to order. Dovetail is made of stainless steel type 316L.