ALEX ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION, a sister company of ALEX COMPANY is responsible for construction works, which represent another activity of our company. A major project in this area was conducted in 2006 with complete reconstruction of the object 9.000m² Grand Casino Beograd
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After these reconstruction works, we have carried out a number of works on private residences, performed the reconstruction of few hotels. During 2015. we started the reconstruction and upgrading of the existing hotel and casino Flamingo, near Gevgelija, Macedonia. also encourages the need to open up the company in Macedonia, and in the second quarter of 2015 commenced operations of our company ALEX ENGINEERING & CONSTRUCTION.
This building of approximately 8.000m² has created a need for opening the the company in Macedonia, and in the second quarter of 2015. we have started business of our company

The architectural concept of the building is adapted to all operational and technological requirements, casinos and hotels. The concept of the building is a modern look that would on the one hand represented one of the rappers areas, on the other hand will be incorporated into the surrounding space and conceptually satisfy all the functions that are set as the target requirements, such as: accessibility, coping with mobility, transparency, security and the potential application of modern building materials. Designing and selection of building materials and construction complies with the characteristics of this type of facility, climatic conditions of the location, the conditions prescribed in the lifetime, the basic structure and easy maintenance, sanitary – hygienic and other standards.