Alex Companywas founded in 1993 as the general distributor for the territory of former Yugoslavia of BWT Group GmbH, the European leader of water treatment equipment. In cooperation with them, we offer complete technological solutions for the treatment of drinking and process water, filter pool water. We are also in partner relationship with Bayrol, Peraqua, Herborner Punpentehnick, UWE, EOS, IberSpa, etc.

Our employees in Serbia and Montenegro, where we are present as WTWS company, are engineers, consultants, designers and managers specialized in the spa and wellness domain. Areas of our competences are consulting, design, construction and maintenance of pools, fountains, public swimming pools, spa and wellness centers, fountains as well as water treatment.
For the realization of your project, our team is the right choice. We have our own engineering and construction company as a sister company “Alex Engineering & Construction” and with their support we are able to undertake all of thermo technical installations, electrical installations and final construction works.

In addition to the highly qualified employees with long experience for works outside of the core business, the company engages specialized partners. We believe that such a business model is better, because even though earnings per project is smaller, complete jobs is faster, the money turnover is higher as well as the number of job offers. The company, apart from the domestic, are also active on the markets in the region. Further export expansion is focused on Austria, Germany and Russia, through the establishment of the parent company in some of EU countries. One of the main priorities are the intensive development of aqua parks, whose basic elements would be produced in Serbia and with the necessary international certificates exported to Russia, Angola and Europe.



As a responsible company and reliable partner, Alex company providing customers products and services of design, procurement, sales, production, construction, maintenance and servicing in the construction of swimming pools, fountains, spa and wellness centers, treatment and filtration of water in accordance with the latest technological solutions . With thus we promotes environmental protection, energy efficiency, improve quality and increase in profits of its customers.


The growth in number of clients as well as expansion of services and products is the result of work activities: professional, satisfied and ambitious employees, which are progressing on a business and personal level. Our company becomes the leader, going one step ahead of the competition, caring that customer satisfaction are basis and precondition of existence and development of the company.

Alex company will realize These objectives with implementation and continuous improvement of integrated management system, harmonized with the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 i OHSAS 18001 which include:

  • Manage processes that contribute to customer satisfaction and implementing measures to increase their satisfaction
  • Affirming leadership as an important management principles
  • Active participation of employees in the planning, implementation and evaluation of activities in the work processes
  • Developing partnerships with suppliers
  • Permanent control products and services, which ensure fulfillment of the customer requirements and consistently respect the legislation
  • Management of human and material resources for implementation, maintain and continuously improves the integrated management system
  • Employees training in order to achieve and increase the competence
  • Prevention of diseases and injuries at work
  • Manage aspects of the environment, through controlled application of all the measures envisaged for the prevention of protecting the environment
  • Decision-making based on collected and analyzed data
ALEX COMPANY will endeavor to constantly improve the quality of the products and services , improve environmental protection and increase the safety and health at work.